leak detection spectrometer

leak detector is not the MDL value, but rather "what size leak can a system reliably measure and how low is the helium background". Those are determined by the ultimate sensitivity of the spectrometer and, most importantly, how the user configures and calibrates the test system. All spectrometers have a lower limit of what size leak they can reliably measure under ideal …

The spectrometer cell of a leak detector shown in Figure 7.2 also only works at pressures under 10 -4 hPa. In leak detectors, this pressure is generated and maintained by the pumping system of the leak detector. This does not require any operator intervention. Figure 7.2: Working principle of a sector mass spectrometer

In applications where leak rates of components or systems are evaluated against a leak rate requirement, the uncertainty of the measured leak rate must be included in the reported result. However, in the helium mass spectrometer leak detection method, the sensitivity, or resolution, of the instrument is often the only component of the total measurement uncertainty noted …

The Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector is a complete system for localization and measuring of leaks inside or outside of a product. This method uses so called tracer gas – helium, which is used to fill up the product connected to the detector.

Model 979 Series Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector DRAFT 9/15/03 xv Solvents CAUTIONThe mechanical components of leak detectors are typically cleaned with alcohol, methanol, or other solvents. When heated, sprayed, or exposed to high-temperature equipment, these solvents become flammable and explosive, causing serious injury or death.

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The heart of the most sensitive and accurate instrument for detecting extremely small leaks is the mass spectrometer, which is used to measure the rate of flow of a tracer gas through leaks using vacuum, pressure or vacuum-pressure techniques.

The basic functions of leak detection are the localization and size measurement of leaks in sealed products and systems For majority of examples, a leak test procedure is a quality control step to assure a device integrity, and is one-time nondestructive test.


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